A Metaphor for Life

This Summer I had the privilege of hiking, backpacking and camping in the Chicago Basin. The Chicago Basin is the upper portion of Needle Creek which is a subrange of the San Juan Mountains and the San Juan National Forest in Colorado.


Besides an occasional overnight in a tent next to a bathroom and running water when I was in college I have never really camped.


Let me first say it is truly God’s country and the beauty can’t be described by my photos. Second, I am going share a list of takeaways from the trip:


  • Never buy hiking boots the week before you’re going hiking and not train
  • Soap, shower and shaving are over-rated
  • Who needs toilet paper
  • Water from a mountain stream tastes delicious and it’s cold (we filtered it)
  • A two-man tent really means ONE small human
  • It’s hotter than you expect
  • Its colder than you expect
  • It’s harder than you expect (especially if you have never been) aka ~ ME!
  • You burn up an obscene amount of...
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