2019 A Year in Review

When I reflect on 2019 as a whole I can’t think of anything else to describe it other than Transformational Growth.


The beginning of the year was full of pain and grief. I was an emotional wreck and my entire life was in complete disorder. I was reeling from heavy grief, in the middle of a painful lawsuit, barely talking to either one of my kids, in the process of having to move for the second time in 8 months, my finances were pitiful and bills were piling up. I was also lonely, sad, depressed and felt like there was not much to live for. 


There were days I could hardly get out of bed, I had little to no focus and I could not wait for the day to end so I could take a hot bath and go to bed. I would wish my life to end on a daily basis. I would wish for a car to run me off the road or an accident of some kind to just happen. I was not motivated, I had no joy and in a deep depression. 


As I moved through the next few months I found that life was...

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