Appointments with ourselves

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2019

I’ll admit I struggled this first full week back post-holiday. I usually work out daily at 5 am. (I know most people think it’s crazy) But this week I had the hardest time getting back into my routine. I would lay out my clothes the night before, fill my water bottle, load my weights and mat in the car and then could not find the energy to get up. I started Monday off with a bang and found myself full of energy that day but Tuesday – Thursday my energy level tanked. I had to do a ton of self-talk this morning to get myself out of bed and get to my work-out! I was a few minutes late but I did it!


Why is it that we are so quick to cancel appointments with ourselves but we make sure and show up for others? If I made an appointment with a friend or client I would show up. Why do we not hold ourselves to that same higher standard? Self-care is so important to me and working out is my daily dose of endorphins and I felt the effects of not getting my work out in...

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