Growing thru Grief

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2019

I really have never heard the term Post Traumatic Growth until a few weeks ago when I was at an International Conference for John Maxwell. I met a physiologist that works with the military to help them through PTSD. In talking with her and doing some of my own research I discovered there is a science behind PTG (post traumatic growth).

PTG is defined as the experience of positive change resulting from the struggle of a major life crises. In PTG you are looking for the following:


· new opportunities or possibilities in life

· increased sense of personal strength

· change in relationships with others

· greater appreciation for life in general

· deepening of spiritual life


Losing Tony took my world off its axis, it shook me to my core and the aftershocks continue still today nearly 10 months later. However, I have experienced tremendous personal and spiritual growth with a far greater appreciation for life. In healing myself I have discovered I want to help others heal as well. I want to share my story, not because of the heartache and tragedy but because of the growth and resilience. I want to personally and professionally assist others in their own PTG and I want to be as present as possible in my own life.


I did not choose to walk this journey but I am here for a reason and if my story can inspire others to develop increased strength and deepen their spirituality it only can help me continue to mend, heal and grow. We never fully heal or recover from tragic grief such as this, but we can allow ourselves to lean in to it, give it to God and be open to the many blessings the universe has to offer. If we reject reality and fill that void with self-medicating options we are just delaying the inevitable and denying ourselves of our true purpose.


Don’t get me wrong there are days that crawling up in bed and shutting off the world sounded like the best option, there are days that I wished away, there are nights I did not sleep and there were moments I did not want to be here. But through it all I know that my purpose is to pour into others and share my story. It gives me great joy knowing others are being uplifted by my messages and I have somehow made a positive impact on someone’s day.


My purpose in life is being defined and as it’s unfolding I too am growing with love, gratitude, strength, and compassion. I am GROWING THRU GRIEF!

Thanks for reading.