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I am Lisa

I am many things: mom, sister, friend, divorcée, and a widow. I am also multi-passionate and a Social Sales and Marketing Expert, Podcast Host, Certified Mindset Coach, Speaker and Visionary.

As a visionary I utilize all my multi-passionate strengths to help get business and individuals from where they are to where they want to be.

I draw on my Sales and Marketing experience and expertise to drive business and create ideas. Being an entrepreneur is in my blood and having that driven mindset gives me results and proven success.

Business and Mindset coaching allow me to draw out what my clients are hoping to achieve, set goals and hold them accountable to that vision.

I am both a student and teacher of social selling. I take my clients through the journey of social selling by drawing out their own passion and stories.

I utilize DiSC assessments to get a better understanding of my clients behavior and personality profiles and have the knowledge and certification to assess individuals and teams to help gain a better understanding of how to relate and communicate with others.

I also produce a Podcast: Recognize Your Truth - where I unpack stories on mindset and provide valuable content on business development as well as entrepreneurship.


In addition I have found that bringing this mindset and leadership approach to companies and corporations have a profound impact on moving leaders and their teams forward by leveling up their leadership.

I start every day with intention, prayer and meditation. I am constantly seeking of ways to increase my vibrational frequency and awaken my subconscious. 


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