Hey there! I'm Lisa 

I'm the host of the top-rated Podcast ~ Recognize Your Truth. 

It has been a dream in the making for 8 years to launch a podcast and I finally stopped letting the excuses get in the way.

I am also a passionate mindset coach. Why? Because coaching changed my life for the better and progressed it forward in ways I did not image possible. 

I want to share the tools and skills I have learned and help others apply them in your everyday life. 

I am also social media junkie and sales and marketing expert. 

I want to learn more

Mindset Coaching 

  • Coaching is life-changing. I did not believe this until I hired my own coach.


  • I work with you on a step by step level, giving you practical tools that you can apply today.


  • We work together on changing your thoughts which control your emotions, actions and behaviors.
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"It has been both a joy and an educational experience working with Lisa. She was able to listen to my concerns and helped me identify possible solutions in advance. Personally, Lisa has helped me slow down and appreciate where I am “in process”. I’ve acknowledged that I’m doing the best that I can and that motivates me to keep making the best even better. Thank you Lisa"

Stephanie K

"Lisa guided me through evaluating my strengths, goals and dreams for my life. She helped me see the areas in which I could take immediate action and gave the motivation needed to make changes and get unstuck in my thinking, patterns, and choices. Thank you Lisa "

Allison P

"Lisa overdelivered in helping me launch my podcast! She made sure all of the details were taken care of and went the extra mile to make sure I had a successful launch. Lisa is a gem with a wealth of knowledge- she provided tremendous value for my business. "

Lynn P