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"It has been both a joy and an educational experience working with Lisa. At we first began our time together, I was contemplating making a job change. I was nervous, apprehensive, and a fearful that a change in my career would also challenge the stability of my home life. I wondered if I would be able to take on additional responsibility both professionally and personally. Lisa was able to listen to my concerns and helped me identify possible solutions in advance. I was also able to take the DISC assessment and walk through the results with her. I was surprised that answering a few questions provided an accurate assessment of my innate skills as an individual and on a team. I used this information to help ease my nerves on my interviews and was able to truly concentrate on my strengths and what I could bring to the organization. Several months later, I accepted my new position and made a huge transition in my career. I felt more confident in handling the change that would be coming having worked with Lisa! Personally, Lisa has helped me slow down and appreciate where I am “in process”. I’ve acknowledged that I’m doing the best that I can and that motivates me to keep making the best even better. Thank you Lisa"

Stephanie K

Complimentary Coaching Call